Unlike others technology vendors who obtain leads for a low price and sell them to more than one dealer over and over again, we have been able to keep long-term relationship with our dealers by managing their ad campaigns and allowing the dealer to pay directly to the search engines. We believe the honest approach is the best approach.

What we provide:

  • Strategy from our experts in deciding the keywords.
  • Targeted ad campaigns in ALL the major search engines. - see list of search engines.
  • Daily management of the pricing per click. - we maintain a competitive ranking for you.
  • Tracking of your leads and reporting of each keyword traffic. - you choose the frequency of reports / daily / weekly / monthly / quarterly or annually.

You can expect results from us:

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Online Operators

  • Pay only to actual visitors to your own website.
  • The leads are send directly to you.
  • Target customers by the geographic area YOU choose, not the masses - no wasted clicks.
  • Tracking of calls and leads via monthly reports.
  • Spending no more than your daily budget.
  • Daily monitoring of your ad campaigns yielding in the ranking YOU choose.